May 25, 2021

Welcome to our new blog. It has been a long year and a few months since the pandemic shut down America and the world. Here at Higher Ground Hotel, we have managed to stay open and avoided getting Covid-19.

Business came to a standstill for months and it was hard to stay optimistic about the future of the travel industry.  It is with much gladness that we report that tourism is returning to Independence, Missouri.  It began in March and has been increasing each month.  May has been busier and busier every weekend. It has truly been a blessing to see repeat guests returning to the hotel and see that they also have overcome the pandemic, without sickness.  Most report that they are tired of being stuck at home and have decided to take a road trip to end the boredom.  

It is a great help that several of our historic sites in Independence have opened back up. The Valle Mansion and the Bingham-Waggoner Estate are open Thursday through Saturday.   The Truman Home will open the last weekend of May and the Truman Library should open soon.   This is great news as most of our guests come to visit the Truman Library or other historical sites.  Also, the Royals have announced that their stadium will be open to full capacity starting with the next home game. Fans that are vaccinated do not have to wear masks or social distance inside the stadium. Hooray, we are finally returning to normal. It was a long cold winter and now we have finally come out into the sunshine of normalcy.   I’m sure that all of you feel the same. Time to get back to living our lives as before the pandemic.    We are looking forward to a happy and healthy summer season.  Stop by and say hi when you are in our area.  

Until next time,

Moreta - Owner